Our Menu of services

Blacksburg Concierge offers a long list of services, but our success is in providing appropriate help at the right time and the right price point. Each client is unique in our experience:  Browse our website to get a snapshot of our range; but then, email us or phone. It’s the best way to get the supports that will be of real benefit to you.


A new generation of large and small businesses has come to value the workplace supports which contribute to employee health and satisfaction. 

Benefits can range from very simple – like lunchtime delivery service – to the critically significant, like skilled care for sick children on an emergency basis.  In between, there are many options:  weekly trips to the Farmers Market; gift-buying and wrapping; or waiting for the repair man to come, so your employees don’t have to!

A modest investment in your benefits package can mean a huge payoff for retention, recruitment and overall productivity.


A la carte pricing is available when the service you need is limited in duration or scope.  Give us a call at 239-7019 to arrange a pick up from the airport, help with an Open House, or one-time shopping for a party.  

When it’s regular service you desire, a membership is the best way to go. Blacksburg Concierge offers an Introductory Membership for $99, providing 4 hours of help, or up to 6 tasks. That might be delivering a child to music lessons every Monday, picking up the dry cleaning and getting the dog from the groomer’s. Contact us to fashion the membership package that’s just right for your family.


Generations of scholars have found an open door in Blacksburg, but sometimes a furnished room or public transportation is harder to come by. Blacksburg Concierge can help the international visitor to get settled with services suited to his or her specific needs. We help get children enrolled in the public schools; we make referrals to physicians, language tutoring or support services; and we can provide transport night and day during the orientation period.  Call us to inquire about our 2-week International Orientation package.

Our employees can work on income-generating activities, while Blacksburg Concierge handles many of the routine tasks.
— E. D. - Project manager